Prior to your Orientation session:

  • You may change your major at any time on Athena.
  • See the instructions below under "How to change your major in Athena."

If you decide to change your major during Orientation:

  • For two-day Orientation sessions: You may change your major on Athena until 9pm of day one.  
  • For one-day Orientation sessions: Come to the Franklin College sign outside Miller Learning Center room 101 between 10:30am and noon. 

How to change your major in Athena:

  • You will need UGA's security App to access Athena: Archpass Duo
  • Go to Athena
  • Go to Student Records and then click on “My Programs”
  • To change your major, add the new major first then delete the old major
  • If an "Intended-" version of your major is listed, always declare the “Intended-” version 
    • Select the “intended” major for all Terry and Grady majors
  • It is OK to be Unspecified! The Exploratory Center advises Unspecified students.


To ensure you are advised for the correct major at Orientation:

  • You will only have one advising appointment at Orientation.
  • To specify which major you wish to be advised for, email Kellee Green (
  • See the priority list below to help you decide.

Because some majors require specific course sequencing for timely graduation, students pursuing multiple majors should attend the area meeting and be advised for the major which comes closest to the top of the priority list below. For example, if you plan to pursue both Biology and Psychology, based on the list below, you would go to the BS Biological area meeting and meet with a Biology advisor. If possible, send a family member or friend to the area meeting for the second major you plan to pursue.

Priority List for Double-Majors 

  1. Fine Arts (Art, Music, and Dance)
  2. Intended Terry, Grady or Engineering majors**
  3. Bachelor of Science (Biological)
  4. Bachelor of Science (Physical/Computational)
  5. AB majors and BS Psychology

**For majors in other UGA colleges please contact the advising office for that college. Intended Terry and Grady majors are advised by the Exploratory Center.

If you have any questions, please email Kellee Green ( or speak to your Orientation leader.

updated 8.08.2018