Is your major correct?

To meet with an Orientation advisor specializing in your field of study, make sure your major is correct in Athena. To change your major:

  • Prior to arriving on campus for Orientation you may change your major anytime in Athena (see instructions below).
  • Students attending two-day sessions may change their major prior to 9pm on the first session day.
  • Students attending one-day sessions should come to the "Franklin" sign outside Miller Learning Center room 101 between 11am-noon.

How to change your major in Athena:

  • You will need UGA's security App to access Athena: Archpass Duo
  • In Athena > Student Records > My Programs
  • Add the new major first then delete the old major
  • Choose the “Intended-” version of a major if one is listed. 
    • Declare "intended" for all Terry and Grady majors.
  • It is OK to be Unspecified! The Exploratory Center advises Unspecified students.

Check your UGA email!

  • The day prior to arriving on campus you will receive an email with important information about your major and which academic area meeting to attend.  Please read this email carefully, particularly if you have multiple majors. 

Area Meeting Breakdown. Call 706-542-0168 or email for assistance.

updated 1.22.2019