Advising is required for each student each semester.

Lower-division advising: Lower-division advising involves choosing courses to complete the UGA core, as well as selecting the appropriate sequence of introductory classes for a student’s major. Lower-division advising is centralized in Franklin College’s Office of Academic Advising in 301 Brooks Hall.

Departmental advising: As students progress into their major course work, they are advised in their academic department. Students should find their major in the table below for information on departmental advising.

  • The point at which departments begin advising varies by major.
  • Students with more than one major should be advised in each department.

Changing your major: If you have recently changed your major but have not been assigned a new advisor, please contact Pamela Ollie-Waller. (Orientation students changing majors should contact Kellee Green)

Additional Advising Resources

Graduation Advising: The Graduation Certification Office informs and advises students regarding progress towards graduation. Graduation advisors work with students and relevant departments to maintain the accuracy of academic records and certify students for graduation in the appropriate term. Students may make appointments by calling 706-542-1522.

Walk-in advising is available for general questions: current walk-in advising schedule

To make an appointment, use SAGE unless a departmental email or website is provided below. 

How to make an appointment in SAGE

Franklin College Major

Departmental Advising Information

African American Studies 60+ hours or
Anthropology 60+ hours
Arabic 60+ hours or 
Art Art Advising Information
Art Education Art Advising Information
Art History Art Advising Information
Asian Language and Literature 60+ hours
Atmospheric Sciences All students advised in the department.
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 60+ hours
Biology 60+ hours
Cellular Biology All students advised in the department.
Chemistry All students advised in the department.
Chinese Language and Literature 60+ hours
Classical Culture 45+ hours 
Classical Languages 45+ hours 
Cognitive Science 60+ hours
Communication Studies 60+ hours
Comparative Literature 60+ hours
Computer Science Students advised in lower division until completion of CSCI 1302, 2610 and 1730 AND have earned 60+ hours. 
Criminal Justice At 30 hours, the student may apply to the program. Upon acceptance, the student is advised in the department. 221 Baldwin Hall
Dance 60+ hours and permission of department
English 60+ hours
Film Studies 60+ hours
French 60+ hours
Genetics 45+ hours
Geography 45+ hours
Geology 45+ hours Geology advising information
German 60+ hours
Germanic and Slavic Languages 60+ hours
Greek 45+ hours
History All students advised in the department.
Interdisciplinary Studies Application process
Italian 60+ hours
Japanese Language and Literature 60+ hours
Latin 60+ hours
Latin American and Caribbean Studies 60+ hours
Linguistics 60+ hours
Mathematics All students advised in the department.
Microbiology 60+ hours
Music, Music Education, Music Composition, Music Performance, Music Therapy, Music Theory All students advised in the department.
Philosophy 60+ hours
Physics First year students advised in 301 Brooks Hall. All others advised in department.
Physics and Astronomy First year students advised in 301 Brooks Hall. All others advised in department.
Plant Biology 45+ hours
Psychology 60+ hours
Religion 60+ hours
Romance Languages 60+ hours
Russian 60+ hours
Sociology 60+ hours
Spanish 60+ hours
Statistics All students advised in 301 Brooks Hall
Studio Art Art Advising Information
Theatre 60+ hours
Women's Studies 60+ hours


updated 8.13.2018