Franklin College has four area meetings for Orientation students.

See your Orientation schedule for the meeting start time. 

  1. Bachelor of Arts (AB) and BS Psychology (meeting slides)
  2. Bachelor of Science -- Biological (meeting slides)
  3. Bachelor of Science -- Physical/Computational (meeting slides)
  4. Fine Arts (Art, Music, and Dance) (meeting slides)

If you have multiple majors please read the information at the bottom of this page.

Bachelor of Arts (AB) and BS Psychology Area Meeting:

  • BS Psychology
  • AB African American Studies
  • AB Anthropology
  • AB Arabic
  • AB Art History
  • AB Asian Languages and Literature
  • AB Classics
  • AB Cognitive Science
  • AB Communication Studies
  • AB Comparative Literature
  • AB Criminal Justice
  • AB English
  • AB Film Studies
  • AB French
  • AB Geography
  • AB German
  • AB History
  • AB Latin American and Caribbean Studies
  • AB Linguistics
  • AB Philosophy
  • AB Religion
  • AB Romance Languages
  • AB Russian
  • AB Sociology
  • AB Spanish
  • AB Theatre
  • AB Women's Studies

Bachelor of Science (Biological) Area Meeting: 

  • BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • BS Biology
  • BS Cellular Biology
  • BS Chemistry
  • BS Genetics
  • BS Microbiology
  • BS Plant Biology
  • BSCHEM Chemistry
  • BS Intended Pharmaceutical Sciences

Bachelor of Science (Physical/Computational):

  • BS Atmospheric Science
  • BS Computer Science
  • BS Geography
  • BS Geology
  • BS Mathematics
  • BS Physics
  • BS Physics and Astronomy
  • BS Statistics

Fine Arts (Art, Music, and Dance): 

  • ART: all BFA degrees plus Studio Art 
  • DANCE: all Dance students
  • MUSIC: all Music students.
  • Note: Art History, Film, and Theatre students should attend the AB area meeting.


Information for students with more than one major

Keep in mind that you will only have time to attend one area meeting.  Because some majors require specific course sequencing for timely graduation, students with multiple majors should chose the area meeting based on the following priority list. For example, if you are double-majoring in Art and Biology, based on the list below, you would go to the Art area meeting. If possible, send a family member or friend to the area meeting for your second major. After the area meetings, during "College Browse," you may go to other area meeting rooms to speak to advisors and pick up information packets.

Once classes begin, Franklin College advising offers walk-in hours every weekday afternoon if you have questions about your second major.

  1. Fine Arts (Art, Music, and Dance)
  2. BBA Intended Business or ABJ Intended Journalism (Advised by the Exploratory Center)**
  3. BS (Biological)
  4. BS (Physical/Computational)
  5. AB majors and BS Psychology

**For majors in other UGA colleges please contact a representative of that college.



updated 12.1.2017