Is your major correct in ATHENA?

To meet with an Orientation advisor specializing in your field of study, make sure your major is correct in Athena. To check or change your major:

  • In Athena > Student Records > My Programs
  • Add the new major first then delete the old major.
  • Choose the “Intended-” version of a major if one is listed. 
    • Declare "intended" for all Terry and Grady majors.
  • It is OK to be Unspecified! The Exploratory Center advises Unspecified students.

Which Area Meeting Should You Attend:

AB Majors & BS Psychology

   African American Studies     Geography (A.B.)
   Anthropology     German 
   Art History     Philosophy 
   Asian Languages & Literature    Psychology 
   Classics     Religion 
   Communication Studies     Romance Languages 
   Comparative Lit. & Intercultural Studies     Russian 
   Dance    Sociology 
   English     Theatre
   Film Studies     Women's Studies 


Biological Sciences

   Astrophysics    Biochem & Molecular Biology         
   Atmospheric Sciences    Biology 
   Computer Science     Cellular Biology 
   Data Science     Chemistry 
   Geography (BS)    Genetics 
   Geology     Microbiology 
   Mathematics     Plant Biology 



Art Education (BFA) Music (AB)
Interdisciplinary Art & Design (AB) Music Composition (BMUS)
Intended Art (BFA) Music Education (BMUS)
ArtX: Expanded Forms Music Performance (BMUS)
   Ceramics Music Theory (BMUS)
   Fabric Design Music Therapy (BMUS)
   Graphic Design  
   Interior Design  
   Jewelry & Metalwork  
   Painting & Drawing  
   Printmaking & Book Arts  
   Scientific Illustration  

If you have more than one major:

See the information below to decide which meeting to attend.  If possible, send a friend or family member to the meeting for your second major.

Priority list for double-majors (majors higher on the list require specific course sequencing for timely graduation):

  1. Fine Arts (Art, Music, and Dance)
  2. Terry College or Grady College majors (Advised by the Exploratory Center)** or College of Engineering majors
  3. Franklin Biological Sciences
  4. Franklin Physical/Computational Sciences
  5.  Franklin AB majors and BS Psychology

**For majors in other UGA colleges please contact the advising office for that college.


updated 2/12/2020