The advising experience is a critical part of the instructional mission of the University of Georgia. Orientation advising appointments provide a crucial opportunity for student learning and for the development of the student/advisor relationship. Because our advisors need to focus exclusively on their students, the Office of Student Academic Services does not allow parents or other guests to attend Orientation advising appointments. 


Can I be advised before Orientation?

Admissions will clear you to be advised after you have finished your UGA 101 modules and attended your virtual small group meeting. We cannot advise you until you have completed these Admissions requirements. 

If I am advised early, can I register for summer classes?

Only students admitted for the summer term (matriculating summer 2020) may register for summer classes.  

Who will my advisor be?

You will be assigned to an advisor based on your declared major. Your advisor is a specialist in your area of study. To meet with the correct advisor, make sure your major is correct. You can view the accuracy of your major in Athena under "Student Information" and make any necessary adjustments prior to Orientation. When declaring a major, always select the "intended" major if one is listed (i.e. "Intended Art" rather than "Art").

How to change your major:
  • In Athena > Student Records > My Programs
  • Add the new major first then delete the old major.
  • Choose the “Intended-” version of a major if one is listed. 
    • Declare "intended" for all Terry and Grady majors.
Unsure which major you want?
  • It is OK to be Unspecified! The Exploratory Center advises Unspecified students.

When is my advising appointment?

Once you have completed all of your UGA 101 modules and your virtual small group meeting, we will schedule you for an advising appointment. Most advisors are using Zoom meetings.  If you prefer to be advised by phone or email, or if you need to be advised at a particular time of day, contact Kellee Green (kelleeg@uga.edu) prior to your orientation session.

Do you have a unique situation that needs to be addressed before Orientation?


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