The advising experience is a critical part of the instructional mission of the University of Georgia. Orientation advising appointments provide a crucial opportunity for student learning and for the development of the student/advisor relationship. Because our advisors need to focus exclusively on their students, the Office of Student Academic Services does not allow parents or other guests to attend Orientation advising appointments. 


How do I register for an Orientation session?

Students can register for an Orientation session here. Orientation is mandatory, and each session has a limited number of spaces.

Can I be advised before Orientation?

During times when Orientation is not occurring, all advisors are working with our currently enrolled students and are therefore unable to meet with entering students. In addition, the records of entering students are not fully complete and uploaded into our student advising system until Orientation, so advisors will not have access to this information.  While we understand that students are very excited about attending the University of Georgia, we cannot advise you until Orientation. All questions regarding your major, degree requirements, placement test results, and credit from testing will be thoroughly answered at Orientation.

Who will my advisor be at Orientation?

You will be assigned to an advisor based on your declared major. Your advisor is a specialist in your area of study. To meet with the correct advisor, make sure your major is correct. You can view the accuracy of your major in Athena under "Student Information" and make any necessary adjustments prior to attending Orientation. When declaring a major, always select the "intended" major if one is listed (i.e. "Intended Art" rather than "Art").

When is my advising appointment?

The morning of your orientation session you will receive an email sent to your UGA email address with your appointment details. Contact EITS at 706-542-3106 if you are unable to access your UGA email account or Athena prior to Orientation.  Please plan on being on campus until 5 pm.  If you have a special circumstance and have to leave campus earlier, contact Kellee Green (kelleeg@uga.edu) prior to your orientation session to request an early advising appointment.

How do I change my major at Orientation?

I will be flying in to attend Orientation. What time is recommended for me to schedule my return flight home?

We recommend scheduling your return flight departure no earlier than 8pm. Orientation lasts until 5 pm. Travel time from Athens to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is approximately two hours, and most flights recommend checking in two hours ahead of departure. Scheduling a return flight too early can cause conflict with your Orientation advising appointment. If you leave Orientation without having been advised, you will not be cleared to register for classes in Athena. This will delay your ability to build your class schedule.

Do you have a unique situation that needs to be addressed before Orientation?

  • Please contact Kellee Green (kelleeg@uga.edu)
  • Requests received prior to the Orientation session for early afternoon advising appointments will be fulfilled whenever possible.


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