The Graduation Certification Office works with students, their advisors, and relevant departments to maintain the accuracy of academic records and certify students for graduation in the appropriate term.

Graduation advisors offer optional appointments throughout the year.

Whether or not a student ever schedules a face-to-face appointment, graduation advisors evaluate the records of every student the semester they apply to graduate.

What is graduation certification?

Graduation certification is the process by which undergraduate students in the Franklin College are reviewed and cleared to graduate. This is done by a graduation advisor without any action on the part of the students, at the conclusion of the semester the student is tentatively scheduled to graduate.

Graduation check appointments

A graduation check appointment, or “grad check”, is an optional appointment with a graduation advisor to discuss any academic questions a Junior or Senior may have. A comprehensive checklist of remaining graduation requirements will be given to the student. 

  • To schedule an appointment with your graduation advisor call 706-542-1522.
  • Students are not cleared for registration by their graduation advisors.


Franklin College Graduation Certification Office

358 Brooks Hall


updated 10.31.2017