The Orientation program is a full day event. Students should plan to be present until 5 pm.

Degree audit

If you are transferring from a University System of Georgia (USG) institution, please be sure to bring a copy of your Degree Works/degree audit to your advising appointment. If your institution did not use degree audits, please do not worry.


Check your transcript by logging on to Athena with your UGA MyID at If you do not see your most recent courses, bring an official signed, sealed copy of your transcript with you for Admissions. Please also bring an unofficial copy for use during advising. 

Placement tests

You may need math or language tests to register for certain classes. You can schedule and take your placement exam(s) prior to Orientation. Tests are available on a walk-in basis, or you may make an appointment online. Login to the testing website [] by clicking "Log In" in the upper right of the page. Make sure to pay online and bring your receipt and photo ID to your scheduled test appointment. 

Course evaluation

If any of your courses came in with a "1TXX", you may want to request evaluation for UGA credit. To do so, gather your syllabi and any papers and/or tests to present to academic departments. Note: departments reserve the right to limit the number of courses they will accept in the major, and some departments may not accept any transfer courses.

Course availability

Your first choice courses may already be filled by orientation. Be prepared with additional course options. If you are considering a minor, your first semester at UGA may be a good time to begin minor coursework. You can find information on majors, minors and certificate programs at . You can also see which courses are being offered in any single semester by going to and choosing the appropriate semester’s schedule of classes. 

Time to graduation

Some majors have a rigid structure, and because courses in the track are only offered during certain semesters, may take longer to complete than expected. Check your department’s website for information about degree programs and schedules. Some majors require a specific GPA and entrance requirements.

College-wide requirements

In addition to completing the University of Georgia Core Curriculum and University-wide degree requirements, recipients of degrees from the Franklin College of Arts & Sciences are expected to satisfy each of the following requirements: (See our Franklin College requirements page for more information.)

  • foreign language through the third semester of study (i.e. 2001 level)
  • two courses in fine art, philosophy and/or religion
  • one course in literature (beyond ENGL 1101 &1102)
  • one course in history
  • two social sciences from different departments (not including history)
  • one multicultural course

Please also be aware of UGA and Regents requirements, which include:

  • 45 of your last 60 hours must be taken in residence at UGA
  • at least 39 hours of 3000 and above level courses
  • one environmental literacy course
  • one cultural diversity course
  • satisfaction of the US/GA history and constitution requirements
  • experiential learning


updated 4.26.2018