Jessica Couch
Academic Advisor I

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126 Leconte Hall
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Jessica Couch advises History majors in LeConte Hall. They have a BA in Music, with a specialization in ethnomusicology, from the Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University; they also have an MA in Religious Studies, focusing on Islamic Studies, postmodern theory, and ethnomusicology, from the University of Georgia. Prior to joining the Franklin College’s advisors, they’ve performed in ensembles spanning many musical genres, worked as a music librarian, taught music to private students, as well as served as graduate assistant and instructor for several religion courses and student organizations at UGA. Their current research focuses on political and devotional music of the Southern United States, with particular emphasis on hip hop, gender theory, and globalization.
They have a bright young daughter, and are involved in Girl Scouts and several other community art/music projects.