Orientation Students:

  • After your advising appointment, you will be able to register for classes in ATHENA (athena.uga.edu). 
  • For assistance with registration, use the computer lab on the fourth floor of the Miller Learning Center.  
  • If you have holds on your account which prevent registration, see the bottom of this page.
  • You may change your schedule from any computer through the end of the drop/add period. See the UGA academic calendar for dates.

Registration Basics:

  • How do I drop a course? Select ‘web drop’ in the drop down box.
  • What does “audit” mean? It means you are not taking the course for academic credit. DO NOT select this option.
  • What does R or TR mean? Thursday and Tuesday/Thursday.
  • How do I get on a wait-list? See the instructions on the Office of the Registrar's webpage.

Error Messages:

  • Cohort Restriction: These classes are only open to students in the Learning Communities Program. If you did not apply to be in that program, and have not been accepted into it, then you can’t sign up for these classes.
  • POM (Permission of Major): You need to be a student in a specific major to register for this class. (For example, you must be an Engineering major to register for an ENGR class.)
  • POD (Permission of Department): You must have the permission of the department to register for this class. Ask your advisor or an O.L. how to get the permission of the department.
  • Prerequisite not met: Sign up for the pre- or co-requisite lab course (such as CHEM 1211 lab and CHEM 1211 lecture) at the same time by searching lectures, picking one, then scrolling down and searching labs. Precalc (MATH 1113) is a pre- or co-requisite with CHEM 1211 lab. This means you either must have completed precalc, or already have signed up for precalc before signing up for CHEM 1211 lab.
  • Remaining seats reserved for waitlist: You will not be able to register for this class at the current time. Try to add yourself to the waitlist.
  • Student Attribute Restriction: If you are not an honors student you will not be able to sign up for this class, as it is an honors version.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I review my advising notes? Log into degreeworks.uga.edu and click on the “Plans” tab to view the plan your advisor discussed with you.
  • This class is full. What do I do? This is a common situation. Your advisor should have listed many course options in your DegreeWorks plan-- select other options from that list. You may not get a full schedule today; get what you can today and keep trying between now and the end of the drop/add period.
  • How do I register for FYOS courses? Use the five-digit CRN number found on the FYOS website (fyo.uga.edu) under the “Seminars” tab.
  • I tried to change my major, but the old major is still showing up. When adding a major, always choose the "intended version" when available.  Not doing this may result in your major change "pending" indefinitely.  Cancel the pending request and add the "intended" version of your new major. If this is not the problem, after classes start, log into Athena and try again.  Still need help?  Email the Registar's office (reghelp@uga.edu).
  • I could not get fifteen hours. Check out our one- and two-hour electives list found on this page: osas.franklin.uga.edu/degree-information-and-policies.
  • Can I get from class A to class B in fifteen minutes? Check with the OLs and look at your campus map. If you have time before classes start, walk the route you will be taking and time yourself. Adjust your schedule as necessary.
  • The only section left open is at 8 am. I am not a morning person. You may have to take an 8 am class or two in order to graduate on time.

Clearing Holds on your account:

  • Accounts Acknowledgement Hold:
    • Log into Athena (athena.uga.edu).
    • Go to “Student,” then “Student Records,” then “View Holds.”
    • Click on “Clear Student Accounts Acknowledgement Hold.”
    • Select the correct term (i.e. fall 2019).
    • Read the collections acknowledgement and type your initials into the box to indicate you agree.
    • Read the phone authorization and type your initials into the box to indicate you agree.
    • Click submit.
  • Emergency Contact Hold:
    • Log into Athena (athena.uga.edu).
    • Go to “Student,” then “Student Records,” then “View Holds.”
    • Click on “Clear Contact Information Hold.”
    • Complete all contact confirmation steps that have an incomplete indicator.
  • Health Center/Immunization Hold:
    • If you have not yet cleared your Immunization hold, call 706-542-8617 or go to the University Health Center Building at 55 Carlton Street between the hours of 8-5 on weekdays.
    • The Patient Registration Desk is on the first floor.
  • VLP Hold: See the Office of Admissions website for the various ways to clear this hold.

If you need help with any UGA technology, visit the EITS website or call 706-542-3106.


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