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Withdrawal FAQ


How can I withdraw?

You can initiate a withdrawal in Athena. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Athena
  2. Choose “Student” > “Student & Registration” > “Registration”>"Register for Classes"
  3. From there, you will see a list of the courses in which you are registered.
  4. For the course you want to drop, choose “Action” > “Course Withdrawal.”
  5. Submit Changes.
  6. This will then show an updated list of courses including the withdrawn course which should now read “Course withdrawn on xxxxxxxx (date)”
  7. Log out or return to main menu for other options.

Note: If you have ANY holds in Athena other than advising for a future semester, you cannot withdraw until you clear them. University offices (which may help you clear some holds) are open only on weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

What is the difference between a W, a WP and a WF?

As of Fall 2014, students who withdraw from courses before the withdrawal deadline will receive a W grade. There will no longer be WP or WF grades. Withdrawals from courses will not be permitted after the withdrawal deadline except in cases of hardship withdrawals (see below). W grades do not figure into your GPA in any way, but they do appear on your transcript.

Should I talk to the professor before withdrawing from a class?

It is always prudent to speak with the professor before withdrawing from a class. Ask if there is a way to improve your performance in the class before withdrawing.

If the course I wish to withdraw from has a co-requisite class, must I withdraw from both?

Yes. In Athena, students cannot withdraw from a course with a co-requisite unless they withdraw from the co-requisite class as well. Students will receive an error message notifying them that their withdrawal will not be complete until they withdraw from the co-requisite. Students may remain in one of the co-requisite courses only if they are given an override by the department that offers the course. It is up to the department whether or not to give the student an override to remain in one of the co-requisite courses. To determine if a course has a co-requisite, please visit the Courses tab in the UGA BulletinIf you wish to withdraw from CHEM 1211 but stay in BIOL 1107, OR if you wish to withdraw from the BIOL 1107 or 1108 lecture but keep the lab, please send an email to with your 811 number and CRN numbers for the courses you are in.                                                                                                        

What other things do I need to consider before withdrawing from a class?

If withdrawing from a class will change your status to a part-time student (below 12 hours), these could be affected:

  • Your housing status (University Housing/706-542-1421)
  • Your athletic status (Athletic Dept/706-542-1847)
  • Immigration status (International Education/706-542-7903)
  • Your financial aid (Student Financial Aid/706-542-6147)
  • Veteran’s benefits (Veterans Benefits/Registrar/706-542-8772)
  • Your health and automobile insurance coverage
  • Eligibility for sports tickets

What if I want to withdraw from all of my courses?

If you are withdrawing because of circumstances beyond your control (financial difficulties, illness (physical or mental), a death in the family, etc…), please consider seeking a hardship withdrawal from the Office of Student Care and Outreach.  They can provide you with resources and support. If you believe you qualify for a hardship withdrawal and can provide documentation, contact Student Care and Outreach: 325 Tate Student Center  706-542-7774


updated 10/25/2022

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