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Franklin College Social Sciences other than History Requirement

Franklin College Requirement:  

  • Two courses from two different departments

The Franklin College Social Sciences other than History requirement can be satisfied by any courses taught from or cross-listed with Anthropology (ANTH), Economics (ECON), Political Science (POLS), Psychology (PSYC) or Sociology (SOCI). The two courses must be chosen from two different departments.

Both courses must be at least 3 hours and taught at the undergraduate level (1000-5999). Except for Multicultural selections, no course may be used to satisfy more than one Franklin College Requirement.

Additionally, the following courses may be used towards the completion of this requirement.

*Courses with an asterisk could be used to satisfy a different Franklin College requirement instead. The student must choose which requirement the course will satisfy.


AFAM2000 Introduction to African American Studies


AFST(ANTH)(CMLT)(GEOG)(SOCI)(RELI)2100 Introduction to Africa


All 3-hour, 1000-5999 ANTH courses


CLAS2000 Introduction to Classical Archaeology
CLAS 3000* Introduction to Classical Europe
CLAS 3030 Ancient Sport 
CLAS(ANTH)3015 Introduction to Classical Archaeology
CLAS 3040 Ancient Science and Technology
CLAS 3050 Ancient Sexuality
CLAS 4100 Ancient Roman Cities 
CLAS 4170 Environmental History of Greece and Rome
CLAS 4180 Archaeology of Late Antiquity
CLAS 4190 Climate Change and Catastrophes in Antiquity
CLAS 4195 Archaeology of Anatolia
CLAS 4350 Ancient Rome
CLAS 4380Death: Antiquity and Its Legacy
CLAS 4390The Grand Tour: Visions and Revisions of Classical Antiquity 


AFST(ANTH)(CMLT)(GEOG)(SOCI)(RELI)2100 Introduction to Africa


GEOG1101 Human Geography: People, Places, and Cultures

GEOG1103 Cultural Geography of the United States

GEOG1125* Resources, Society, and the Environment

GEOG1130 Introduction to World Geography

GEOG2010H  Introduction to Human Geography (Honors)

AFST(ANTH)(CMLT)(GEOG)(SOCI)(RELI)2100 Introduction to Africa

GEOG2130H Cultural Geography of the United States (Honors)

GEOG2250H* Resources, Society, and the Environment (Honors)

GEOG2610 Geography of Georgia

GEOG2800 (no longer offered)

GEOG3620 Globalization and the Making of the Modern World

GEOG3630 Introduction to Urban Geography

GEOG3640 The Geography of Human Rights

GEOG3990 Internship in Geography

GEOG4610 Location Analysis

GEOG4620 Advanced Economic Geography

GEOG4630 Advanced Urban Geography

GEOG4640 Population Geography

GEOG4650 Industrial Geography

GEOG4660 Urban and Regional Development

GEOG4670 Geography of Development

GEOG(LACS)4720 Geography of Latin America

GEOG4730 Geography of China

GEOG4740 Geography of East and Southeast Asia

GEOG4680 Gender and Geography

GEOG4710 Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa

GEOG4750 Geography of Europe

GEOG4810 Conservation Ecology and Resource Management


All 3-hour, 1000-5999 ECON courses


LACS1000 Introduction to Latin America and the Caribbean (Honors)

LACS2002 Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Studies II

LACS2010 Multidisciplinary Latino/a Studies

LACS2020 Multidisciplinary Caribbean Studies

LACS2030 Multidisciplinary Brazilian Studies

LACS2030i Multidisciplinary Brazilian Studies

LACS2040 Multidisciplinary Mexican Studies: A Transnational Perspective

LACS2040i Multidisciplinary Mexican Studies: A Transnational Perspective

LACS(SOCI)4211 Environmental Justice in Latin America and the Caribbean

LACS(ANTH)(SOCI)4311 Critical Concepts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

GEOG(LACS)4720 Geography of Latin America

LACS(SOCI)4910 Citizenship and Social Movements in Latin America and the Caribbean


All 3-hour, 1000-5999 POLS courses


All 3-hour, 1000-5999 PSYC courses


AFST(ANTH)(CMLT)(GEOG)(SOCI)(RELI)2100 Introduction to Africa


All 3-hour, 1000-5999 SOCI courses


WMST1110 Multicultural Perspectives on Women in the United States

WMST1110H Multicultural Perspectives on Women in the United States (Honors)

WMST2010 Introduction to Women's Studies

WMST2010H Introduction to Women's Studies (Honors)


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updated 10/8/2021

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